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This site was created as a courtesy to the American Recreation Association of Dhaka
by the AEA Portal Network. The information below is based on Post Reports.

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Services Provided:

  • Services Provided:
  • Embassy Canteen
  • Restaurant
  • Pub Bar
  • Banana Cabana (Snack Bar)
  • Rooftop Bar And Grille
  • Catering/Bakery
  • Video/Dvd Rental
  • AFRT
  • Apartment Rental/Room Rental
  • Recreational Facilities:
  • Swimming Pool With Changing Rooms
  • Tennis Courts
  • Squash Court
  • Playgrounds
  • Basketball Court
  • Exercise Room and Multi-Purpose Room (For Activities, Special Events, Classes, Meetings & Workshop)
  • Library
  • Kid’s Room
  • Wi-fi Zone

Deposit/Fee Schedule:

Type Details Duration Cost
Full Deposit Once $100
Full (Single) Dues Monthly $25
Full (Family) Dues Monthly $50
Associate Deposit Once $800
Associate (Single) Dues Monthly $45
Associate (Family) Dues Monthly $90
Affiliate Deposit Once $800
Affiliate (Single) Dues Monthly $45
Affiliate (Family) Dues Monthly $90
Temporary  Deposit  Once $350
Temporary (Single) Dues Weekly $12.50
Temporary (Single) Dues Monthly $50
Temporary (Family) Dues Weekly $25
 Temporary (Family) Dues  Monthly $100
TDY Deposit N/A N/A
TDY (Single) Dues Weekly $12.50
TDY (Single) Dues Monthly $50
TDY (Family) Dues Weekly $25
TDY (Family) Dues Monthly $100

Manager’s Phone Number: (880)(2) 8621025/27 Embassy TIE Line: (880)(2) 8855500 x2764
Official Website:

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